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Aluminum deck and flooring system with AlumiDeck™

Alumi-Deck™ is a revolutionary, interlocking aluminum deck system, that is durable yet light-weight and easy to install for indoor / outdoor flooring.

Furthermore, beautiful Alumi-Decks™ stands out from traditional wood, stone or concrete decks with virtually no fading or warping.  You can customize Alumi-Deck™ with a variety of wood-grains, colours and graphics.  In addition, you can install optional LED lighting recessed into the perimeter, making your decks truly one of a kind.  Resistant to harsh Canadian winters, you will enjoy maintenance-free Alumi-Decks™ for years to come, while increasing your property value!

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Re-design your outdoor living space with this revolutionary powder-coated, baked-on finish aluminum decking product.

Enjoy the many benefits of aluminum flooring and decking with Alumi-Deck™

You will save time and money from all the benefits of Alumi-Decks™.

Maintenance-free, paint-free and splinter-free

There is no need to paint or stain, replace warped boards, no splinters, no insects or wood-rot.

Easy to clean

Just hose down to remove dust, sand or water with an ordinary squeegee mop.

Water resistant

Tight seams help preserve the framing, thereby reducing maintenance costs and increasing the life of the deck.

Easy to install, click-in slats

Simply snap together slats up to 20 feet long, and complete with seamless finishing hardware for corners and edges.

Powder-coated, tough-wearing finishes

Baked-on, powder-coated finishes for tough, unmatched durability.

Choose from wood-grains and multiple colours

Simulated textures and wood-grains can be matched to your house or structure.

Permanent or temporary decking or flooring

You can use Alumi-Deck for interior or exterior applications, due to its ease of installation.

Environmentally friendly

Alumi-Deck™ is fully recyclable, even after decades of use! By comparison, wood decks require ongoing maintenance and may be in a landfill within 10 years.

Unique and Customizable

Design graphic patterns and shapes on the surfaces, so that each deck is unique and customizable.

Comfortable under-foot

Walk on the decks with ease, due to the slightly raised grooves, incorporated for safety.

Salt-stable and non-corrosive

You can treat your deck with optional AkzoNobel specialty powder-coatings.


Backed by a 15 year guarantee against fading: and even with fading, it is virtually an imperceptible colour change. Contact us for complete details on our guarantee.


aluminum deck

Step outside the box and create your timeless Alumi-Deck™ masterpiece!

In fact, you can customize your Alumi-Deck™ to be truly one-of-a-kind.  Let our designers work with you to create your dream outdoor living space, with Alumi-Deck™.

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Alumi-Deck™ Supports

Alumi-Deck™ Supports

Alumi-Deck™ installs seamlessly on support beams, top and bottom.

Alumi-Deck™ Optional Finishes

Alumi-Deck™ Optional Finishes

Alumi-Deck™ with many available optional finishes to choose from

Alumi-Deck™ Easy Installation

Alumi-Deck™ Easy Installation

Alumi-Deck™ Easy Installation

Contact us for unique and innovative products for enhanced outdoor living.