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Household Waste Bin Enclosure

Innovative and Stylish Solutions for Elegant Waste Storage

Are your ugly waste bins spoiling your beautiful outdoors and do you want a stylish, discrete and functional way hide them?  Do you keep losing the lids and wheels to your bins?  Our Household Waste Bin Enclosures provide a beautiful range of options with hinged-lid, tip-out bins, sturdy wheels and provide EcoLogical solutions to make your trash cans virtually disappear!

With our Household Waste Bin Enclosures you benefit from secure enclosures to make your surroundings more visually appealing and better organized.  You can control access to the bins with secure locks which can be mounted on the door. The roofs over the enclosures can be changed to suit your needs as well.  The versatile flat tops serve a double purpose as raised gardens for flowers, plants or seasonal decorations.  Choose from several colours, textures, wood slats and laser-cut metal combinations for the facings to complement your surroundings.  Household waste bin enclosyures can indeed be elegant!

household waste management bins. residential waste management bins

Environmentally Conscious, Space Saving and Beautiful

ENJOY THE MANY BENEFITS of Household Waste Bin Enclosures:

The neat and tidy the appearance of your outdoor surroundings, visually hidden from neighbours and animals alike;

The space-saving, rectangular 120L capacity waste bins are equipped with heavy-duty rollers and tip outwards easily, being held in place with secure cables when the trash is loaded;

Locking, hinged-lid, flip-top waste bins so there are no more lost lids at curb-side after waste pick up;

A wide variety of colour combinations and simulated wood finishes to coordinate with your outdoor environments;

Waste bins that are protected from wind, direct sun and inclement weather conditions, as well safe from the intrusions of pesky, scavenging wild-life;

Simple, functional layouts of two to four bin configurations for residential use – and even larger for commercial applications in restaurants and public spaces – with optional customisation for uneven ground surfaces;

A locking option which provides peace of mind and security when you are away, since only you can access it.



Fulfil your residential or commercial waste management needs by choosing from:

Dukin waste management system

Three sliding door formats, to accommodate three 120L bins and multiple groupings of 3 or 4 bins, for larger commercial sites

Dukin Plant Container

Two sliding door formats, to accommodate two 120L bins

Contact us for unique and innovative products for enhanced outdoor living.