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Trioostone Gabion Walls & Décor

Gabion structures have long been used as a means of creating retaining walls for bridges, roads and hillsides, to prevent the erosion of the surrounding soils.  Leave it to TRIOOSTONE to take these nature inspired structures and create beautiful fences, firepits, gabion walls, planters and much more.  Using  state of the art materials for the wire cages and supporting mesh structures, Trioostone gabion walls and creations are virtually indestructible versus the cheaper, less sturdy off-shore options.  Moreover, these revolutionary structures are protected by post and hardware patents, globally.

Triostone Stepped Gardens

Trioostone provides privacy protection, wind protection and noise reduction


Step aside conventional borders, fences and messy firepits.  With TRIOOSTONE you can create unique borders, glowing firepit structures or columnar enclosures, with multiple features and benefits:

TRIOOSTONE provides privacy protection, wind and noise protection, combined with unparalleled ambience;

Available in various heights and depths for natural stone fills, which can be matched to the brickwork of houses or adjacent structures;

Unlike with conventional fences, there is no need to paint or stain, replace warped boards, no splinters, insects or wood-rot with TRIOOSTONE;

Patterns can be created within the stone-fills of TRIOOSTONE using various colours, sizes and types of stone aggregates, with each and every structure taking on a uniqueness all its own;

Stones can also be interspersed with translucent coloured glass stones and recessed lighting for a visually spectacular effect, day and night;

TRIOOSTONE gabion fences are a designer’s dream, being totally versatile to be combined with alternating wood and decorative laser cut metal panels, to fulfil the needs of the most style-savvy homeowners and business owners;

In addition, TRIOOSTONE gabion structures are Mother Nature’s optimum trellises for vines and climbers such as Clematis, Morning Glory, Wisteria and Climbing Hydrangea, creating a totally natural look;

Available in various sizes, the lower height TRIOOSTONE gabion border walls are ideal for creating unique rounded garden borders and edging for garden beds, fulfilling landscape designers’ visions;

For outdoor evening entertainment, low energy light ropes can be intertwined invisibly between the glass rocks of TRIOOSTONE, emitting a profusion of deep, jewel-toned colours of reds, blues and greens that glow like embers into the night.


Create your own Trioostone masterpiece!

Trioostone backyard privacy fence

Trioostone Round Planter

From low-lying garden perimeter borders to tall, free-standing towers, planters and mid-height fences with bench-toppers, the creations are virtually endless.  In addition, explore the convenience of raised-bed gardens and grow multiple levels of flowers and vegetables, all at an ergonomically-optimum height – without the backbreaking and knee-straining labour.

Contact us for unique and innovative products for enhanced outdoor living.